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Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition

This component is an ASP.NET query builder designed to let you easily and efficiently build queries of varying degrees
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23 April 2010

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We all know that MS SQL is a powerful web based platform used in a large number of enterprises. But the main task that web developers often find cumbersome is the building of queries which are ultimately executed by SQL server to give the desired output. All the queries must be correct with respect to syntax and properly formatted to work in the desired manner. The conventional ways of designing such queries mean investment of precious development time and expertise. Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition v.0.1 provides a complete and intelligent one stop solution to the issue of difficulty faced in query building and lets you design all these queries in a visual form so that you, as a developer can work with them in a more intuitive manner.

Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition v.0.1 combines a set of handy tools that facilitate the user in visual query designing for ASP.NET projects. The whole process is a two way method where the queries can be made from simple text, or you can directly start from the visual designing. The program has an intuitive interface that is as user friendly as Ms Access in overall usage and functionality. Even the most complex queries that contain sub-queries, derived tables or table expressions that are common, can be easily built with this application as you take the continuous visual analysis based approach with the help of this application. The easy switching feature from visual to text mode and vice-versa allows you to have enhanced flexibility in the query building and modifies it in the required manner as soon as you switch the mode.

Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition v.0.1 is overall, a powerful solution for designing the queries in a simplified manner, leading it to score three and a half rating points on the scale of five.

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This software is the ultimate ASP.NET query builder, a component that will make building SQL queries easier than you could ever have imagined. Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition provides web developers with the tool they need to build SQL queries visually, using a user-friendly interface in the style of Microsoft Access. This solution is also the first one to offer true two-way query building meaning that you can visually build queries that contain sub-queries or any common table expressions or derived tables. You may also easily switch between the textual query and its visual representation, with the representation modified accordingly as soon as you switch between them. You can find out more about this ASP.NET query builder at the product website, which has a full list of specifications and purchase and download information: You will no doubt find that this component will not only make the job of SQL query building much easier, but it will also save you a great deal of time.
Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition
Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition
Version 0.1
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